paradise again

i had a long spell of forgetting that i am living in paradise. i forgot how close there were waves pounding the coast. i thought i life only extended to the dying wili wili pastures.

scott is dropping some big trees as i type this. the pond has 3 happy ducks swimming in it. not much else new except a red rooster and a goat so pregnant i can only think “something’s gotta give.”

don’t you wish you could sneak away from your obligations for a week or two or 52? thats why i came to hawaii. to purposefully be obligation free. the obligations have found me here. now i’m learning nvc instead (the assertive, saying “no” part).

i sometimes believe that i have two sisters living inside me. the good sister (that calls the other sister naughty) and the other sister (that calls the good sister wet blanket). one believes in magic and the other believes you will catch a cold if someone sneezes near you. i waste much time and energy engaged in their quarrels.